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Offer: Solutions Architect III - AX Data Conversions (Req. 632):Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co.

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Cypress, California 90630

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Div. 98 #632
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Full Time
1st Shift



Job Details

Job Summary
The Solutions Architect, AX Data Conversions is responsible for end-to-end definition and implementation of all data conversions and migrations of disparate data sources from legacy ERP to Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX). Responsibilities include defining the data conversion strategy, mapping legacy data to the AX system, determining and completing pre-conversion data clean-up activities, running mock conversions, verifying data with technical and business resources prior to and post cut-over and coordinating conversion activities with the Project Manager.
The Solutions Architect III, AX Data Conversions will provide broad functional and technical skills to lead and motivate business users through all phases of data conversion. this function is responsible for ensuring data integrity for converted companies and meeting established cutover milestone dates in the AX Program Implementation plan.
To be prosperous in this function, the Solutions Architect III, AX Data Conversions must build and maintain strong and strategic partnerships across the AX Program Team and IT, quickly gaining an knowledge of our business needs and work to ensure that conversions comply with Project Management methodology. In addition, the capability to communicate technical tasks in a non-technical way, while also being able to educate business users on the data mapping and verification process will be key.
Essential Functions
   » Define and establish a standard and repeatable data conversation strategy to support the Reliance Dynamics AX ERP Program
   » Ensure conversion and utilization of ERP source(s) to the Dynamics AX ERP systems aligns with the Data Solutions enterprise strategy.
   » Lead and manage data initiatives, from discovery through implementation, in order to ensure solutions meet goals and business needs
   » Conduct data analysis and modeling to design medium to complex systems utilizing multiple technologies, including integrations with external systems
   » Collect and curate data from disparate sources to execute data wrangling to clean, prepare, and standardize data for consumption
   » Perform data profiling, classification, mappings, and integrity analysis to standardize and curate as part of the onboarding process.
   » Perform data mapping and stored procedure inspections on Legacy ERP systems to enable data reporting needs post onboarding into the target system
   » Lead and advise cross-functional teams on the data technical design
   » Work closely with business users, educating them on data conversion activities, conducting data validation sessions, mock conversions and post go-live data validation activities
   » Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues
   » Research, analyze, and identify data requirements and business processes
   » Extract and transform data through normalization, field mapping, merging, and other techniques to standardize and prepare data conversion and onboarding
   » Collaborate with cross functional teams to identify and solve business intelligence and data issues
   » Develop, sponsor, and support the introduction of new and improved methods, products, procedures, and technologies
   » Devise, make recommendations and guide implementation of corrective and/or preventive actions
   » Suggest better alternatives and flows to given requirements located on practice
   » Construct new data assets by combining data from multiple sources, which may be ambiguous, incomplete or inconsistently formatted
   » Align a data cutover plan to the overall implementation timeline for each cutover
   » Establish project plans to support all data cutover activities
   » Build and maintain strong and strategic partnerships across the AX Program Team, IT, and the Reliance family of companies
   » Comply with all internal and external policies and procedures including the Architecture Standards, Security, Project Management Methodology, Software Development Lifecycle, Change Management, Procurement and Finance, proposing improvements where applicable
Architecture – Knowledge of architectural methodologies used in the design and development of information systems, including the physical structure of a system's internal operations and interactions with other systems.
   » broad knowledge of a domain (i.e., applications, data, infrastructure, security) and broad knowledge of other domains        
   » Collaborate with RTS management and Project Managers to ensure that assets in the Information technology portfolio are leveraged to the maximum extent possible
   » Analyze the current architecture to identify weaknesses and develop opportunities for improvements in medium to high complexity projects (i.e., business processes, expanding capacity, reducing time, cost and increasing effectiveness)  
   » Easily makes connections with previously unrelated notions    
   » Define architecture principles, styles, and standards for systems across the enterprise
   » Ensure that standards are followed and develop plan for remediation when they are not
   » capability to apply advanced knowledge and practice to the design and development of both OLTP and DW systems
   » Understand where application domains overlap and collaborate with others on the design of solutions and/or impact of planned changes
   » Tolerant of a high-degree of ambiguity and good at resolving uncertainty and setting direction
   » Collaborate with others to define architecture principles, styles and standards for the enterprise
   » Lead the design of high-quality database systems in support of Reliance business objectives
Consultant – Able to provide broad business and technical guidance.
   » Collaborate to establish broad data governance policies and processes in support of Reliance business objectives
   » Analyze decisions and collaborate with others on the design of solutions and/or impact of planned changes
   » Collaborate with technology and application owners to manage lifecycle of data assets in the Information technology portfolio within domain skills with broader knowledge of other domains
   » Collaborate with various RTS departments to evaluate designs and identify potential gaps or weaknesses early so they can be addressed within domain skills integrating broader knowledge of other domains for medium to high complexity projects
   » Translate business needs into architectural requirements using domain skills and broader knowledge of other domains for medium to high complexity projects
   » Participate and provide leadership abilities within domain skills and broader knowledge of other domains for medium to high complexity projects in implementing systems and ensuring design is consistent and well integrated with existing conceptual, logical and physical architectures
Governance – Develops, supervises, and organizes the standards, policies, and procedures of technology all over the organization
   » Support defining architecture principles, styles, and standards for systems across the enterprise
   » Ensure that standards are followed and develops a plan for remediation when they are not
   » Collaborate with others to define architectural principles, styles and standards for systems across the enterprise
   » Review non-standard technologies and help determine if there are standard solutions available and where there are not, makes a recommendation to RTS leadership abilities
   » Collaborate with others to safeguard the organization’s data assets from damage, theft or other unauthorized access
Technical Strategy – capability to identify long-term technology vision and strategy.
   » Develop strategies and roadmaps that span database design, master data management, data governance, and data quality activities for the Reliance enterprise
   » Identify new technologies and capabilities that will give strategic advantage and/or achieve business objectives
   » Look for opportunities to leverage existing technologies
Supplemental tasks & Responsibilities
   » Pursue training and development opportunities; Strive to continuously build knowledge and skills
   » Assist personnel in other RTS departments to resolve technical and/or application issues
   » Other tasks as requested
Core Competencies
Problem Solving - capability to problem solve through problem identification (what is the problem), solution assessment (what can be done), problem documentation (document for future) and problem response (implementing a solution).
     Able to:
   » Frame problems before trying to deal with them
   » Break down medium to high complexity problems and identify all of their components
   » Provide insight into the root-causes of problems      
   » Seek advice from those who have solved similar problems
   » Anticipate problems and is proactive in covering them
   » Follow up to ensure that the problem has been resolved
   » Ask perceptive questions to seek optimal solutions
   » Generate a range of solutions and courses of action with benefits, costs, and risks connected with each
   » Explore various sources for answers, and think "outside the box" to find options
   » Be open to others' ideas to help develop solutions
   » Help others cultivate their problem solving skills
Decision-making - Makes sound, well-informed, and objective decisions; perceives the impact and implications of decisions; commits to action, even in uncertain situations, to accomplish organizational goals.
     Able to:
   » Gather data and others' input when making decisions
   » Escalate decisions when appropriate
   » Weigh pros and cons of each option before making a decision and moving forward
   » Balance analysis, wisdom, practice, and perspective when making decisions
   » Explain the rationale for a decision
   » Find solutions that are acceptable to diverse groups with conflicting interests and needs
   » Follow up to ensure decision was implemented
   » Consider lessons learned from practice, differing needs, and the impact of the decision on others
Customer Service - capability to develop and maintain strong relationships with customers by listening to the customer, knowledge and responding to their needs.
     Able to:
   » Provide service to internal and external customers to satisfy their needs and expectations
   » Listen to concerns and resolve reported issues effectively and promptly
   » Ensure and comply to customer response timeline (SLAs) located on the severity of reported issues including documenting concise and accurate status information in the ServiceNow ticketing system
   » Deliver high quality products and services
   » Commit to continuous improvement          &nbs p;            &n bsp;                         &nbs p;            &n bsp;                         &nbs p;            &n bsp;                         &nbs p;           
   » Anticipate others’ needs and move to effectively address issues
   » Establish relationship with customers providing education as appropriate
   » Elicit feedback from others
   » Deliver high quality solutions that meet the organization’s needs
   » Assist in creating strategies to help the organization serve customers more effectively
Company Business Knowledge - Understands the company, its products and the business processes.
     Able to:
   » Has broad Reliance business knowledge and integrates Information technology into optimal technology solutions for business processes
Accountcapability - Holds self-accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results.
     Able to:
   » Proactively collaborate between own functional area and areas below or above in the project stream as needed
   » Set well-defined and realistic personal goals
   » Comply with established policies and procedures
   » Take ownership of ensuring prosperous outcome of work assignments/projects
   » Accept responsibility for mistakes
   » Display a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments
   » Minimize re-work
   » Facilitate between own functional area and areas below or above in the project stream as needed
   » Seek out learning opportunities
   » Identify training needs and take action to obtain knowledge                        &nbs p;            &n bsp;                         &nbs p;                    
   » Anticipate and adjust for problems and roadblocks
   » Be enthusiastic for the things he/she sees as challenging
   » Displays a high-level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments
   » Persistently push self and others for results
   » Help others
   » Make good decisions on behalf of the company (profitcapability, compliance)
   » Provide consistency between projects
   » Allocates work where appropriate
Communication - Communicates effectively across all levels to support departmental and organizational objectives.
     Able to:
   » Clearly express information taking into account audience and nature of the information (for example, non-technical, sensitive, and controversial)
   » Ask questions and summarize what was heard to prevent miscommunication
   » Present information in a concise and focused manner
   » Listen to others
   » Communicate written information (for example, facts, ideas, or messages) in a succinct and organized manner
   » Produce written information, which may include technical material that is appropriate for the intended audience
   » Share ideas and perspectives and encourage others to do the same
   » Keep others informed of new developments
   » Produce written information, which may include technical material that is appropriate for the intended audience
   » Tailor communications to audiences to have the desired results
Building Collaborative Relationships - Develops, maintains, and strengthens partnerships with others inside and/or outside the organization.
     Able to:
   » Establish rapport with co-workers easily
   » Encourage and facilitate cooperation, pride, trust and group identity
   » Foster commitment and team spirit
   » Work with others to achieve goals
   » Listen and respond constructively to other team members' ideas
   » Offer support for others' ideas and proposals
   » Be open with other team members about his/her concerns
   » Share his/her skills with others
   » Acknowledge team members for their contributions
   » Provide assistance to others when they need it
   » Work for solutions that all team members can support
   » Effectively persuade and influence team members to achieve goals
   » Seek to resolve confrontations and disagreements constructively
leadership abilities – Displays effort and commitment in carrying out the department’s goals and objectives.
     Able to:
   » Act in a proactive and achievement-oriented manner
   » Treat co-workers in a fair and equitable manner
   » Empower others by sharing information
   » Actively listen and clarify information as needed
   » Foster an atmosphere of open communication
   » Behave in a tactful, compassionate, and sensitive manner
   » Consider and respond appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people in different situations
   » Share best practices and processes
   » Guide others toward goal accomplishment


   » Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent work practice in a related field required.
   » 5+ years’ practice with ERP implementations required. practice with Microsoft Dynamics AX preferred
   » 5+ years’ practice developing data architecture and leading the completion of ERP data cutovers/conversions required
   » 5+ years’ practice in Unix Scripting Language and Query Languages such as SQL, SQLite, NoSQL or JSON required
   » Practical practice in data structure languages like R, Python, SAS preferred
   » 5+ years of practical practice utilizing relational databases, in one or more of the following is required:
   » Complex data mapping skills from one source system to another
   » Data analysis
   » Data quality and data structures
   » Programming/Report development
   » Requirements analysis
   » 3+ years’ practice with ETL/ELT technologies and configurations
   » broad practice with Oracle, SQL, Informix, and AS400 located database systems preferred
   » Strong executive level verbal, written and presentation skills; must have the capability to convey complex information in a simple, non-technical way, to a broad audience
   » capability to make prudent decisions in complex situations, considering broad implications affecting multiple stakeholders
   » capability to inspire, motivate and guide others toward goal accomplishment  
   » A team player with integrity, passion, initiative, and leadership abilities capability
   » Highly organized, multi-tasking capabilities, and commitment to detail  
   » practice collaborating in a multiple stakeholder environment including internal teams, vendors, third parties, and sub-contractors
   » Broad practice utilizing varying project methodologies (ranging from waterfall to agile) and SDLC management
   » Proficiency with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products required
   » Must be self-motivated and able to work independently, with minimal supervision and as part of a team
   » Capable of learning new systems and creating/implementing new system functionality
   » Possesses advanced knowledge of HTML and XML
   » Understands advanced internet and client/server architectures
   » Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, required
   » Detail oriented with excellent interpersonal communication skills, verbal and written, at all levels including customers, vendors, peers, business stakeholders and management required
   » Excellent customer service skills

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All persons shall have the opportunity to be considered for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, discapability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law.
We will endeavor to make a reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of a qualified applicant with a discapability unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of our business. If you believe you require such assistance to apply for the position or to participate in an interview, please let us know. 
Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. provides reasonable accommodation for individuals protected by Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  candidates who need accommodation in the job application process should contact Gabe Muñoz at (213) 576-2426 or e-mail E-Mail: XXXXXXXX@XXXX.comto request an accommodation.

To be considered for this position, the candidate must submit their resume to  E-Mail:  and specify the position and job requisition for which they are applying in the subject line or body of the email

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